OrgoShmorgo - Organic Molecule Naming Engine

OrgoShmorgo is a web-based organic molecule visualizer. It provides an interactive and user-friendly interface for anyone to explore the different types of organic molecules. OrgoShmorgo aims to help kinesthetic learners better understand organic chemistry. Students are able to create molecules and interact with them through numerous ways: adding atoms, changing bond types, or moving them around the screen.

Gekko - Market Share Visualizer

Gekko is a market share visualization app written with D3's Treemap, Highstocks, & AngularJS. It allows you to see the size of market sectors and how they change through time.

The subsectors are also clickable. When you click on one, a dialog with each related subsector and their prices will appear. Within this same dialog you can compare non-related sectors to each other.

2048 - Realtime Multiplayer

2048 Multiplayer is a fork of the original 2048 with added multiplayer gameplay. Players are able to face opponenets in a fierce 2 minute battle. Since its release, over 300,000 people from around the world have enjoyed competing with one another.


Talkr - Drop-in Chatbox

Talkr is a drop-in chatbox that allows you to chat with visitors to your site. Talkr uses, Redis, and Express allowing it to scale to any size whilst maintaining it's speed and responsiveness.