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Professional Work

Work I've done for past and current clients as well as side projects that have taken up a life of their own.

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Weekend Hacks

Checkout my personal projects on github. Most of them are for learning, but you can also find some useful projects like loupe.js

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Thoughts and stuff

My blog about things I find interesings, with a focus on programming and things happening in the world. (Coming soon)

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Featured Work


OrgoShmorgo is a web-based organic molecule visualizer. It provides an interactive and user-friendly interface for anyone to explore the different types of organic molecules. OrgoShmorgo aims to help kinesthetic learners better understand organic chemistry. Students are able to create molecules and interact with them through numerous ways: adding atoms, changing bond types, or moving them around the screen.

Technologies: d3.js, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap

Online Bookshelf

This bookshelf was one of my first forays into the world of web development. Originally, this bookshelf started out as just HTML and CSS, with a little JS. I've since then added jQuery and Bootstrap. Currently, I'm working on implementing a backend that includes Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL. The design of this bookshelf was inspired by Apple's iBooks.

Technologies: Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Market Survey - Lightbulb Shelf

This lightbulb shelf was written as a widget to be embeded in a market research survey. The widget made the survey less monotonous and gave the responders a better visual and interactive experience.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop

import java.user.info;

My name is Emil Stolarsky. I'm a hacking, swimming, Quora-loving student. I started programming with Java in High School, continued with Android, and am currently filling the voids of my mind with Javascript.

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